Our last embrace to Mr. Giovanni Colaiacovo , Chairman of Colacem

Gubbio, April 30th, 2020 – Mr. Giovanni Colaiacovo, Chairman of Colacem S.p.A. passed away yesterday afternoon at the age of 85. He was the founder, together with his brothers Pasquale, Franco and Carlo, of a Group that has continually grown over the years in the cement sector in Italy and other countries of the world (Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Albania, Haiti, Spain, Jamaica), in the concrete sector in Italy as well as in transport, hotel and tourist facilities, television publishing, insurance brokerage, and sports with the acquisition of Misano Adriatico racetrack.
He was an exceptional entrepreneur, whose courage and ability made him capable of  understanding and interpreting market trends , foreseeing and anticipating needs and encouraging changes. The successful partnership established with his brothers has allowed the small company based in Gubbio to become an important key-player in the domestic first and then in the international scenario of the cement  industry.
Many where the work activities and business commitments he was focused on, yet he was always able to keep alive his deep bond with Gubbio, his beloved city, as well as with the “Eugubin”  community and its traditions, such as  the ‘Festa dei Ceri’ he loved so much  . He supported numerous cultural and social initiatives and events, showing all his sensitivity towards those in need.
His collaborators and employees speak of him as the gentle "Chairman " who was always helpful with everyone, regardless of their role. “We were his family. Work and commitment were his key values he interpreted and shared in an ethical and responsible manner. He was a lover of art and beauty, and as a result of these deep passions he wanted to transform the various cement production sites into large green parks,  with special attention and care even to the smallest details.
He held his role in the company with the necessary determination and authority, but at the same time he loved being among the people and listening to whoever wanted to talk to him . He was present in the territories where the company operates, used to meet people and institutional representatives with his innate ability to establish and maintain good relationships. 
We all thank him for all he did for the company, for what he built and for the lesson he taught us.   A big affectionate embrace to our Chairman ". 

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