Mining areas management

Limestone and clay are used in the production of cement: natural raw materials, which are extracted from quarries and mines.

To this effect, Colacem’s goal is to reduce the impact of its mining activities as much as possible, making environmental restoration possible by giving it a new naturalistic value, protecting biodiversities and ecosystems, and providing the community with new usable spaces.

All the mining activities carried out by Colacem are the result of a mining cultivation project, which includes an environmental restoration plan of the areas concerned.

Each project is based on:

-  an accurate assessment of environmental impact

-  the involvement of our stakeholders

with the purpose of assuring healthy and safe conditions both inside and outside the production site.

The environmental cultivation and restoration methods implemented in its quarries, have been mentioned as being excellent examples in the  “Guidelines for the Designing, Management and Restoration of Mining Areas”, published by Aitec and Legambiente, one of the most important environmental associations in Italy.

Colacem, thanks to its expertise in managing and restoring its mining areas, participated in Superquark, the well-known scientific program, hosted by Piero Angela on the most important Italian TV channel.

EVERY YEAR (on average):

- 700,000 Euros spent for environmental restorations

- 50,000 s.m. of surface restored

- 10,000 trees planted


These photos show just a few examples of the various environmental restorations carried out by Colacem over the years.  The dates of each single restoration step demonstrate how Colacem has always paid special attention to sustainability since the very beginning. 


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