Sustainable Development

Colacem is one of the youngest Italian cement producers; however, for some time now, it has consolidated itself as the third company present on the Italian market and, indeed, thanks to the strategic positioning of some of its plants, as the first when it comes to exports.

A great deal of the factors that have driven such a rapid growth may be attributed to its vision, which has always been market-orientated and rooted in technological innovation and sustainability.

In a sector of industry with a strong incidence of energy costs, a key to success has certainly been the availability of highly efficient plants, that are able to reduce to a maximum possible degree, both loss of energy and of raw materials.

All this thanks to the will of always targeting the use of the best available technologies on the market and on the continuous upgrading of its plants, that today may well be considered amongst the most advanced in Europe.

Care of the environment, that in the sixties could have appeared to be very futuristic, has come to be one of the main factors that has led Colacem to establish itself as a leader both on the national and international scene.

Because, today, more than ever, sustainability means competitiveness.

Such a commitment is highlighted by the information and detailed numbers carried  in the “Report on Sustainability”, published  from 2007 by Colacem according to the international standards set forth by GRI (Global Reporting initiative). 

The last version of the report, audited by Deloitte ERS, is drawn up following the latest G4 guidelines of the GRI.


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