Management of atmospheric emissions

Innovation and the continuous technological progress of our equipment do not result only in production efficiency, which is necessary to be competitive in our reference markets, but rather represent the fundamental prerequisite for the prevention and reduction of atmospheric emissions.

Colacem’s production sites implement all of the best available techniques of the sector, in terms of environmental protection and public health (BAT – Best Available Techniques), to such an extent that the values of atmospheric emissions are far below the limits specified in relevant standards.

All of the atmospheric emission ‘points’ are equipped with dust collector systems that, as specified in the BATs, are made up of bag-type fabric filters, electrostatic filters and hybrid filters, where the electrostatic filters are combined with a bag filter in series.

Firing lines in the Colacem production sites are equipped with specific Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems  (CEMS), providing for measurement and recording of data related to atmospheric emissions, which are then transmitted to the competent authority and supervisory bodies according to the provisions set forth in specific authorizations.  


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