Colacem, once again a case study at the Polytechnic University

Colacem’s industrial approach, that has always been committed to sustainability,  was successfully re-proposed to the Industrial Technology students of the Management Engineering degree course held  by professor Macchi. Speeches made by our speakers were given in English, in line with the general rules of the course.

Cristina Colaiacovo initially described the structure of the Financo Group,  pointing out the key success factors for our continuous technological innovation, and our ability to establish fruitful and synergic relations with the communities  living in the areas where the plants have been built.

She then went on to explain cement to the students, the raw materials where it originates from, and that make it  an increasingly  fundamental product for the development of every country. 
The over 200 students showed particular interest for the case history regarding the revamping of the CAT plant in Tunis, where an old factory has been transformed into the most modern plant  in Africa, without stopping production. 

Another  proof  of the approach to sustainability, that Colacem has always implemented. 
The Industrial Technology students, found the presentation of the production process by Eng. Fabio Cicchi, to be especially significant, thanks to the many technical aspects covered and the in depth explanations of each single production step  given , which were also supported by short explanatory videos. In drawing conclusions, particular attention was given to the evolution that the cement production process has undergone over the years, as well as to the innovative aspects  the sector  is moving towards , such as  the improvement of energy efficiency, the reduction of environmental impact, the replacement of raw materials ,  the use of alternative fuels and the reduction of emissions. 

At the end of all of the speeches , “question-time” was held, which greatly involved the participation of both students and teachers.  The main questions asked were about the  assessment factors connected with investing in the cement industry, the various  aspects that may lead to the acquisition of a new plant rather than to the  revamping of an already existing one,  the main differences between a full cycle plant and a grinding center, and about  the topic of prevention and monitoring of emissions. 

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