Company profile

Colacem spa is a leading enterprise in the production of cement. The company, founded by the Colaiacovo family in 1966, has grown over the years, thanks to a modern and precursory corporate culture that has brought it to be one of the leaders in Italy..

The company operates in Italy with 6 full-cycle production units, 4 terminals and 3 storage facilities. Plants in  Tunis (Tunisia), Sabana Grande de Palenque (Dominican Republic), Lafiteau (Haiti), Balldre (Albania), along with terminals in  Alicante and Cartagena (Spain), Kingston (Jamaica) and Lafiteau (Haiti), represent the Group international size and global presence.

General Management  and headquarters are based in Gubbio, in the province of Perugia.

With a total turnover of around  402 million Euros in 2022, Colacem employs 866 people in Italy.

Sustainable Development

In a sector of industry with a strong incidence of energy costs, a key to success has certainly been the availability of highly efficient plants, that are able to reduce to a maximum possible degree, both loss of energy and of raw materials.

All this thanks to the will of always targeting the use of the best available technologies on the market and on the continuous upgrading of its plants, that today may well be considered amongst the most advanced in Europe.

Care of the environment, that in the sixties could have appeared to be very futuristic, has come to be one of the main factors that has led Colacem to establish itself as a leader both on the national and international scene.

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