Environmental Product Declaration - EPD

We live in a world that is increasingly questioning the effects of human activities on the environment. Colacem has always confirmed  its commitment  to sustainability not only through its  words, but by setting and pursuing clear  goals followed by touchable  results. Know-how, technology and professionalism have  been and will always be their cornerstones in their effort  of doing business in a  sustainable way .
All Colacem cements are EPD certified (Environmental Product Declaration), downloadable in the products section of this site.
The EPDs obtained  are published on the epditaly.it website and are  the ones granted to cement produced in Caravate (VA), Sesto Campano (IS), Rassina (AR), Gubbio (PG), Ragusa (RG) and Galatina (LE). The project entails the attainment of  EPD for  all Colacem cements and Colabeton concretes.
The Environmental Product Declaration is a document where environmental impacts connected to the production of cement are described , including related ‘side-effects’ such as  energy consumption, raw materials and water consumption,, waste production and atmospheric emissions. The "cradle to gate" approach has been implemented , in other words any impact generated from the extraction phase of raw materials to the delivery of finished products,,was taken into account.
The analysis is based on well-defined rules, the Product Category Rules (PCR), in compliance with the ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards on building/construction products. After a complex and thorough procedure, the Colacem  EPD was verified and released by ICMQ, an independent and accredited third party institution .
Many are the  benefits deriving from this project:

• The Company will be able to pursue energy and production efficiency in an even easier way,  by monitoring improvement of environmental performance of its products and services.

• Customers will enjoy competitive advantages in the market, as an increasing number of technical specifications for public works require  EPD certified products. The EPD also plays an important role in the attainment of credits for sustainability protocols (such as CAM).

• Stakeholders will be able to clearly and objectively verify the environmental performance of cements and concretes, thus confirming the transparency policy adopted by the whole Group.

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