Colacem Sicuramente, for a Safety-oriented Culture

Colacem has implemented a project named  "COLACEM SICURAMENTE" in all its Italian production sites, with the end goal of further strengthening the culture of worker health and safety, which will go above and beyond the regulatory requirements in force.

In fact, it has been proven that the best and most successful way to further reduce the number and severity of accidents (which have already significantly decreased)  is to ‘work’ on the staff’s behavior, in addition to focusing on technical and production aspects. 

The training program is based on the monitoring of behavior in order to increase safety, so that specific actions aimed at preventing accidents and injuries can be undertaken. The program will entail the development of special safety awareness and attention, along with teaching the staff involved the best communication methods.

Books and videos will be made available to the staff in order to broaden their knowledge on the subject, in addition to giving them the opportunity to take part in specific meetings aimed at ideas exchange and testing activities.  

Once the causes have been identified and understood, the project will provide specific actions aimed at removing or mitigating risks, thus making the staff increasingly aware of the culture of safety. 

The program shall reach important goals in terms of the reduction of accidents and injuries.  

The success of the program will mainly depend on the ability of staff to cooperate and work as a team, thus disseminating and encouraging proper behaviors during their daily work in the plant.

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