Colacem Sicuramente, for a Safety-oriented Culture

The  implementation of the "Sicuramente" project means the creation of  a "methodological and organized container" of all the usual daily activities performed  in view of  accidents and occupational diseases prevention , through strong ‘focus’  on the cultural aspects of people. In fact, the analysis of accidents over the years revealed that  their occurrence is mainly due to incorrect behavior.
This is an ambitious project entailing  various training and operational stages  , as well as  the progressive  involvement of all workers in the production units. The initial step was focused on the acquisition and development of  information systems aimed at supporting  accident management. The current operational step  includes  observation in the field and motivation actions , which have already produced significant results in terms of reduction in injury severity and frequency indexes.
Among the various actions that have been put in place so far,  a specific computerized sharing system is gaining increasing importance and utility , as it is able to relate all the information concerning  injuries , near misses  and accidents.  For this purpose , the Safety  Central  Department has been publishing  a bimonthly  accident report on the company intranet related to  each production unit.  In addition to ensuring data transparency, this type of information is also aimed at  encouraging  a productive comparison between the various production units , which will result in the   reduction of  injuries thanks to the identification and implementation of  suitable prevention and protection measures .
All the operators  in charge of managing emergencies in  the production units as well as in  the headquarters,  receive specific theoretical-practical updates  throughout the year , in order for them to intervene promptly in case of need.
As far as controls are concerned,   Colacem has  always followed  a corporate policy based on  transparency and collaboration with all the parties  involved. Transparency with the supervisory bodies – in  the regular registration, notification and communication of accidents to INAIL and the Municipality's Public Safety Office-; collaboration and involvement of all workers and union representatives in the identification of any health and safety issues and their possible solutions.



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