The 2014 Sustainability Report is available on-line

The company results, in terms of reforestation of mining areas and prevention of emissions are in the spotlight.

The 2014 Sustainability Report is now available in the “Sustainability” section  on the Colacem website. Colacem is among the few Italian companies to have drawn it up for the second year in a row, according to the latest G4 guidelines of GRI,  based on the concept of  ‘materiality’ of  aspects being dealt with.

Enhancing the relationship with the surrounding territories is our goal, to be achieved by dedicating ourselves to what is most important to the local the community and to our stakeholders in general.

The Report highlights the results achieved in terms of reforestation of mining areas,  waste recovery aimed at safeguarding  natural raw materials and  replacing  combustible fossil fuels, as well as emission prevention.

The topic of urban regeneration/requalification  has also been addressed,  to be carried out through  conscious and proper use of cement: a product that surely needs to be reconsidered ,  as it is essential for infrastructures and in safeguarding the territory, and will be the main issue proposed by our company at the next SAIE fair, from the 14th to the 17th of October.  

As far as the graphics is concerned, this year the Communication Direction Dept. has paid particular attention to the legibility of the Sustainability Report, by emphasizing its info-graphic aspect in order to make its contents  easier and faster to read.. The Report, which has been drawn up thanks to the collaboration of various Directions and Departments, will be conveyed and utilized in various  ways,  so that it can become more than just a “shelf publication”  and will be  officially presented at SAIE.

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