How a pillow can tell a story

A work of art, done in Colacem white cement, has been placed along the shore of Lake Orta.

A new cement artwork, by Oscar Turri, has been unveiled and made accessible to the public, “RACCONTAMI” (Tell Me), winner of the third edition of the " C.A.R.S 2018 ANNOUNCEMENT ” for the creation of a permanent public artwork for the City of Omegna (VB). Turri’s piece is representative of a series of colored cement seats in the shape of decorative pillows that replicate the interior of a child’s bedroom. To create this work, the artist used a mixture of 32.5 Colacem white cement as a binder, and as an especially fine aggregate, marl flour, in addition to various additives and colors.

The artwork, set in the beautiful natural landscape of Lake Orta, at the Omegna Marina, is entitled “Raccontami” (Tell Me), as it is a place where young people can come together and socialize through reading and story telling.

Colacem has proudly collaborated and fully believed in Oscar Turri’s artistic project, which proves how it is possible to create visually beautiful cement works in perfect harmony with their surroundings. 

Oscar Turri’s work is a winner because “it has made art technically accessible in everyday life, thanks to expressive forms able to embrace the public, which are safe, durable, cozy and accessible, while still keeping their own aesthetic and formal essence alive.

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