Domicem: 10 years in business, 26th October 2005/2015

Monday the 26th of October, 2015 was a day of sharing and giving thanks, for the ten years of activity of  the Sabana Grande di Palenque cement plant. Francesca, Cristina and Giovanni Colaiacovo, in their respective roles, wanted to pass on greetings and praise on behalf of the whole Colaiacovo family to the entire  Domicem Company.  A company, that by combining various skills and expertise , has been able to set up an Italian-Dominican synergy that has gained a leading  and well-established position in the cement market in the Dominican Republic, and in other Caribbean areas as well .

It is not just about economic growth , but also the special attention the company has always paid  to each human being,  considered as the core of every activity,  the engine for  social development: a vision that  has allowed us to give the surrounding community  a sense of optimism and certainty .

The visit to the new mill, which is being installed in the cement plant (among the most technologically advanced) represents another  indisputable evidence  of the continuous growth policy Domicem company has been  implementing.
The various interventions and improvement actions that have been carried out so far are the result of the  long-sighted vision of its founders , as well as of the ‘concrete’ targets fixed, the market goals reached, the quantities produced, the recognition and certifications obtained.

A heartfelt thought was dedicated to Mr. Giovanni Vicini, who passed away in the spring of this year, who together with Pasquale Colaiacovo, dreamed and created Domicem as we know it today.

Satisfaction for what has been accomplished, was accompanied by the hope and desire for what is yet to come. 

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