Colacem: one year with zero accidents in the cement factory of Caravate

The Colacem plant in Caravate has recently celebrated 365 days without accidents. Great satisfaction in all of the employees for the achievement of this important goal , which reconfirms  the company's commitment to placing the culture of safety at the centre of all its daily work activities . Among   the various  actions that have been implemented so far , an increasingly important role has been covered by a  specific information sharing system , which can  spread data regarding injuries, near misses  and accidents within the whole  company. Relevant information that has also created a ‘virtuous’ process of confrontation between the staff in  the various plants, who is increasingly careful in avoiding  inappropriate behavior. In recent years, these initiatives have led to a significant  reduction in the accident rate., which amounted to  10.36 in 2017 with about  45%  reduction compared to the previous year. This has been the best result since the launch of our  "Sicuramente "  ( “Safely “) project. Mr. Mario Capolli, director of the Colacem plant in Caravate, pointed out that team work, professionalism and constant commitment have been decisive for the  success in this type of project. Safety mainly  depends on the behavior of each of us and is deeply linked with our corporate culture.

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