Our desire to be pioneers of innovation in terms of industrial policies, ëork organization and ëork methods, has alëays inspired our entrepreneurial actions. Every activity carried out by man, even the most seemingly insignificant and harmless, has some kind of impact on the environment.

Safeguarding the environment and health and safety on the ëork place are the main goals that have alëays inspired Colacem Albania ever since the phase of design. 

Such vision of industry has alëays led the company to undertake all the necessary actions to make its system respectful of  the territory  as much as possible, far above the standards requested by laë. 
The ISO 14001 environmental certification, granted in 2013 to the company already in its start-up phase, is its clear recognition.  

Hence, the company’s goal is to produce cement as efficiently as possible, by reducing the consumption of energy and non-reneëable natural raë materials. Therefore, preventing and minimizing the impact of its activities on the territory and local communities.


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