Colacem S.p.A. Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Fabrizio Pedetta as the Director of the Italian, Albanian and Spanish markets.

Colacem S.p.A. Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Fabrizio Pedetta as the Director of the Italian, Albanian and Spanish markets.

This appointment represents a further step in the reorganization process started by  the Gubbio – based company of the Financo group, owned by the Colaiacovo families, which is mainly aimed at the verticalization and integration of cement, concrete and transports businesses. Mr. Fabrizio Pedetta has gained long-standing  experience in the building sector, both in Italy and abroad, having covered positions in very important multi-national companies. His excellent skills in transforming strategies into business goals, even in times of crisis, represents just one of his strong points.

“The appointment of a high-profile manager, along with a better organization, will allow us to effectively face the challenges coming from a radically changed world, as we possess all the necessary tools to succeed – said the members of Colacem B.o.D., Carlo, Franco, Francesca and Ubaldo Colaiacovo.

Colacem S.p.A. is one of the Italian leading companies in the production of cement and hydraulic binders.

Fifty years of continuous and sturdy growth have led the company to boast seven distribution plants spread throughout the Italian territory, as well as other production sites in Europe, Central America, North America and North Africa.

In order to limit the dramatic effects of the very critical situation the Italian building sector has been going through, with the consequent drop in domestic cement consumption, which dropped from 46,4 Million tons in 2007, to 19,6 Million tons in 2015 (-58%), Colacem has implemented a very strong strategic re-launching activity, with two main end goals:  consolidating the positive results obtained during its growth phases, as well as adapting its organization and production structure to the new different scenarios offered by the construction industry.

The company has always been focused on, and committed to sustainability over the years, by continuously investing in technology and innovation, and can now boast highly innovative, modern, efficient and very low environmental impact plants.

Furthermore, Colacem is directly involved in spreading a new culture in the building sector: demolition and rebuilding of inefficient and obsolete buildings, urban renovation and redevelopment, with special focus on energy savings, antiseismic aspects and land conservation; building up infrastructures in order to increase competitiveness, offering services and ‘mobility’ to people and goods in a sustainable way. The quantity –oriented market has, therefore, been replaced by a quality-oriented one, where new ways of presenting and using cement are proposed, thus establishing an even closer relation between this product and the well-being of the individual.

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