The Twelfth Edition of "M'illumino di Meno" (I Will Use Less Light) Will Be Held This Friday

Colacem will take part in the twelfth edition of the initiative “M’Illumino di meno” (I Will Use Less Light) on Friday February 19th, together with representatives from its cement factories based in Italy, and from Colacem and Colabeton Headquarters. Sustainability is one of the unique features that has always characterized the Financo Group’s way of doing business.

Colacem and Colabeton, along with the other companies belonging to the Financo Group, have always devoted their utmost attention to activities focused on saving energy, even through research measures, targeted at reaching maximum efficiency, in their production plants worldwide. Disseminating, sustaining and promoting initiatives, aimed at energy savings awareness, throughout the entire society, has always been very important. “M’illumino di meno”( I will use less light) is the largest radio campaign on energy consumption and sustainable mobility conceived by Caterpillar, the historic Radio 2 broadcast; on air Mondays/Fridays, from 5.35 to 7.00 pm.

Furthermore, this year, the campaign will involve many different ‘subjects’: thousand of listeners, hundreds of associations, as well as the most important social and institutional players. The initiative has been promoted by the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Republic, the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, the Patronage of the European Parliament and hundreds of Municipalities throughout Italy. Some of the most important Italian and European monuments will be ‘switched off’ and the “M’illumino di meno” day will become a real party, during which energy savings will be ‘celebrated,’ thanks to theme events arranged all across the territory: from concerts where the audience will pedal in order to produce energy, to museums, where visits under natural light will be offered.

The cornerstones of the initiative have been confirmed once again in this edition: the best practices used in the field of energy savings, both in Italy and abroad, will be discussed on the radio, along with the radio mapping of the thousands of participations in the campaign during the Caterpillar live broadcast on February 19th, as well as radio connections with the various cities, where lights will be switched off, as a symbolic action for the reduction of energy consumption. This year’s edition is mainly focused on sustainable mobility, thanks to ‘Bike the Nobel’, the Radio2 ethical campaign promoted by Caterpillar, where the bicycle is a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Administrators and citizens are invited to participate in the topic of sustainable mobility this year, by encouraging the use of the bicycle, as well as all the other low-energy impact means of transportation, as symbols of peace and environmental respect. City bike rides, incentives for using public transportation, school ‘pedibuses ’, and ‘a car-free day’, are just some of the many initiatives that can be arranged anywhere, in order to take part in this important event.

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