Domicem has renewed the agreement with the Municipality of Sabana Grande de Palenque

Domicem has renewed the agreement with the Municipality of Sabana Grande de Palenque
Domicem has renewed the collaboration agreement with the Municipality of Sabana Grande de Palenque. The meeting was attended by the city Mayor, who showed  the projects to be implemented in compliance with the law 64-00 on  environment and natural resources. The Domicem plant  has created 450 direct and around 1,200 indirect jobs over  the last decade, with a consequent spillover  on the community  of Sabana Grande de Palenque of about 135 million DOP (over 2.3 million EURO) per year .
A number  of tangible actions/  interventions to be implemented in the social fabric of the territory as presented , such as : sponsorship of the softball tournament, delivery of scholastic material, granting of scholarships to students of the local community, improvement of  the municipal library "Juan Barón", contributions for the music school , carnival events, patron saint’s festivals, Holy Week celebrations, donations of 1,500 bags of cement for construction projects  aimed at  improving urbanization , as well as an economic contribution planned for the management of the municipal structure.  Furthermore, works will be carried out to modernize the aqueduct, the hospital and the asphalting of the road connecting Palenque to the municipality of Nigua.
During the meeting, the CEO of Domicem, Mr. Adriano Brunetti, underlined how the company has interacted with the surrounding territory since the beginning of its activity, in the 2000s, in order to contribute to the social and economic development of the entire community. , thanks to the allotment of  important resources in schools, public health, sport and culture,  thus creating remarkable endeavors . "This new agreement – continued Mr. Brunetti - will allow  creation of some projects that will soon be clear and visible to everyone. The economic investment  made by Domicem is not just an answer to some  specific requests, but represents the company’s   active involvement in  the  realization of these projects that will grant satisfaction to all  the people living  in these territories  .
The agreement was signed by the mayor of Sabana Grande de Palenque, Mr. José Manuel Mejía Sánchez, accompanied by some members of the City Council,  some employees, and several inhabitants . The judge, Mr. Jose Carlos Arias, certified the public deed.
Domicem once again confirms its attitude to  focus on  the needs of the surrounding community  and the protection of the environment even beyond  law requirements, as it strongly believes that progress can only be achieved  through sustainable industrial activities.


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