Colacem’s business model plays the starring role at the Green Social Festival in Rimini

Colacem’s business model will be one of the key players at the Green Social Festival that will take place at the Teatro Galli in Rimini on Tuesday, June 6th at 5:20 pm.

This Festival aims at highlighting the leading role Italy might play in the economic and cultural scenario of the next coming years. In order to succeed, in addition to implementing all its good practices, Italy shall also follow Pope Francis’ vision according to which economy, in its effort to meet the needs of global consumers of the XXI century, should be inspired by equity, fairness , sustainability and beauty.

Cristina Colaiacovo will tell the audience the ‘story’ of Colacem’s corporate culture, which has always been inspired by these values in everything it has created over the years: the story of a company able to supply high quality cement in all of the markets worldwide, yet always focusing on efficient management of its industrial plants and equipment and with special care for the surrounding environment.

Colacem has always had a very strong and close relationship with all the territories and communities where it has been operating, which have always been involved in a mutual process of cultural and social growth. Many key topics will be dealt with during this storytelling show, presented by Antonella Zingaro, and titled “Sviluppo e Infrastrutture Sostenibili”. The discussion will rotate around the new challenges our country will need to face in order to ensure a sustainable future to our cities: urban requalification , a new concept of infrastructures at the ’country service’, circular economy.

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