The company structure in charge of safety consists of a central unit made up of specialized personnel and local managers, who are able to provide all the necessary support in the plants, as well as in the Headquarters.

Workers usually appoint their safety representative in the production sites, where the Employer is also the Plant Director, by selecting him/her within the trade union representatives and in compliance with law requirements.

Special focus has been given to worker training by presenting a risk assessment document, which contains prevention and protection specific measures. It does not just include standard regulations; it also emphasizes the importance of the analysis of residual risks. Such as the ones linked to the behavior of individuals and the unpredictability of harmful events.

Colacem constantly provides all of its personnel with training programs and awareness campaigns on prevention and the risks associated with the workplace.

At a local level, regardless of the exhaustive compliance with all matters concerning risk prevention and coordination of professional activities and since Colacem Spain's facilities are located in port areas, considered as risk areas, it is noteworthy that all protection plans and emergency of the terminals are coordinated and implemented with the corresponding ones of the Port Authorities. 

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