Code of ethics

Financo S.r.l. has established a Code of Ethics that formalises and defines rules and standards of conduct. The Code of Ethics FINANCO is a commitment to moral integrity and economic and social responsibility, which is the Financo’s Group primary and fundamental value.

This Code of Ethics, intended to Foreign subsidiaries of COLACEM SpA, makes explicit reference to the FINANCO Code of Ethics and it faithfully reproduces its content, after deletion of specific references to the Italian national legislation, so as to allow its widespread implementation and adoption by the Company's foreign subsidiaries.

The Financo Group, defined as the Financo Srl company, being the Parent Company and its subsidiaries that have adopted the code of ethics as part of their activities and in the conduct of their business, assumes, as its motivating principles, the rule of law and the respect of regulations, in a framework of integrity, fairness and confidentiality.

It also seeks to reconcile the pursuit of market competitiveness with the respect of competition law and to promote, in a perspective of social, economic and environmental responsibility, the correct and efficient use of resources. Each Company is committed to the adoption, diffusion and periodic updating of this Code and to the evaluation of its implementation.

The rules of this Code for Foreign Subsidiaries of COLACEM apply to all "recipients", and that is, to each Director, consultant, manager and executive, auditor, to all employees of the Group companies, and to all those who have relationships with the companies of the Group.



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