Our desire to be pioneers of innovation in terms of industrial policies, work organization and work methods, has always inspired our actions.

Therefore, the concept of Quality in Colacem has always combined science, technology and professionalism in the best way possible.

We have always aimed at offering products and services that can best meet the Client’s expectations and needs, by enhancing effective teamwork based on know-how, expertise and specific technical skills.

This is the only way to ‘transform’ Quality into a real competitive advantage in markets that are becoming increasingly difficult.

The CE marking on our products represent tangible evidence of our professional and responsible way of operating.

Nevertheless, the true assurance of the quality of our products, in addition to the certification issued by  ITC-CNR certifying compliance with the EN 197-1 European standard, is given by an efficient 24/7 control system of our production, also supported by our Central Technological Laboratory, which can perform any kind of test, including even the most specific ones.



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