The 2015 sustainability report is on line

The outcomes in terms of mining areas reforestation and emissions prevention are in the spotlight.

The Colacem 2015 Sustainability Report is now available on the "Reporting" section of this website. 

Drawn up accordingly to the latest G4 guidelines of GRI, the 2015 report details the industrial approach of the company, which has always been focused on sustainability.

Figures contained are self-explanatory, and were verified by the auditing company Deloitte thanks to a specific audit:

> 11 Million Euros invested in environmental protection , and a 50% reduction of dust specific emissions in the 2013-2015 three- year period .

> Aimed at safeguarding natural resources, 10% of fuels and 6,4 % of raw materials were recovered from waste, 30.000 tons of CO2 were saved through the use of biomass.

> Over 15.000 native trees were planted in the mining areas in 2015: a further demonstration of the company’s utmost attention to environmental recovery

The document is full of explanatory charts and images/pictures and is aimed at enhancing the relationships and ‘transparent’ interactions with both the local communities and all of our stakeholders.

The Report will be available and usable in various formats, so that it can be an effective and useful communication and ‘educational’ tool, not just a mere ‘book shelf publication”.

Read the 2015 Sustainability Report 

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