Domicem continues investing in renewable energy

On the occasion of a official ceremony held in San Cristobal, Domicem has laid the groundwork for the construction of a 1.500 kWp  photovoltaic system in the municipality  Sabana Grande de Palenque, as a sustainable project that will lead to potential 6.000 kWp  in a second step.  
The project entails the installation of  4.616 x 325 Wp solar panels , 49 SMA inverters with KWN 25,00 capacity, which will produce about  2.286.305 kWh/year of  clean energy . This will allow the company to save approximately 56.175 gallons (212.645 liters ) of fuel per year ,  thus replacing traditional energy with solar energy .
Osvaldo Oller, vice –chairmen of the company’s Board of Directors , said : " Domicem has always been committed to  investing in view of cleaner country; for this very reason, reduction of emission during our production processes represents one of our main goals ". Mr.Oller also explained  how the company has been launching a  number of sustainable initiatives since 2013.
"In addition to the construction of this photovoltaic system in 2013  , the company signed an agreement with  Ege Haina for clean energy produced by the wind in the  Los Cocos wind farm , in the same year . In  2016, a new vertical mill was installed in the factory, which can reduce over  30% of energy consumption , thus making Domicem an increasingly efficient company . Another project implemented by Domicem  - continued Mr. Oller – is the modern hybrid filter used for micro-dust reduction that further reduces  emissions into the atmosphere . In addition, over the years  we have been constantly carrying out our  reforestation activity aimed at the  environmental restoration of our mines".  
The photovoltaic solar system will result in environmental savings of  1.455.690 kilos of carbon dioxide  (CO2) per year, which corresponds to the planting of 48.523 trees. Thanks to this very important energy efficiency project, Domicem puts in place concrete actions which are in line with its commitment of being a sustainable and environmentally friendly company.
The ceremony was attended by:  Juan Rodríguez Nina, executive director  of the Energy National Commission, Eng. Cesar Augusto Prieto, Chairman of  the board of Directors in the Electrical Energy Superintendency, Adriano Brunetti, Domicem General Manager, along with staff and collaborators of the cement production company.

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