Structural CPN 35.0 R - PORTLAND

Structural CPN 35.0 R

Portland Cement: complies with the physical and chemical requirements specified in the Dominican Technical Regulation/ ‘RTD 178 “ Hydraulic cements, Portland cements, specifications and classifications ”, and with other international standards as well.  A product with constant quality, created to ensure very high initial and final resistance. 

Resistance strenght


  • Structural mortars
  • Pre-stressed and post- tensioned concrete elements
  • Concrete blocks
  • Footings, columns, beams and panels requiring quick-setting and high mechanic resistance concretes
  • Rigid floorings
  • Soil-cement

Standard requirements

According to RTD 178

Chemical requirements Physical requirements Mechanical requirements
loss on ignition ≤ 5.0 % initial setting time ≥ 45 min compressive strength at 3 days ≥ 22.0 MPa
insoluble residue ≤ 3.5 % specific surface (blaine) ≥ 2800 cm2/g compressive strength at 28 days ≥ 35.0 MPa
sulfates content (as SO3) ≤ 4.0 % autoclave expansion ≤ 0.80 %
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