It is with great sadness that we inform you that Mr. Franco Colaiacovo passed away yesterday morning, at the age of 81. 
Together, with his brothers Pasquale, Giovanni and Carlo he was the founder of our Group.
 Mr. Franco represented the innovative and technological sprit of our company, which has always looked towards the future and focused on a sustainable way of doing business. Throughout his life, he was able to transmit his enthusiasm and passion for research to all of us, along with his great dedication to innovation. Mr. Franco imagined our plants as “living” places, in continuous technological evolution.  
He was a precursor in foreseeing that competitiveness should combine with sustainability to achieve success in any kind of business. Each new solution, in fact, resulted in the reduction of environmental impact on one hand, and cultural and social innovation on the other: the key factors which have contributed in strengthening the company’s presence in all the markets worldwide.  
We all knew Mr. Franco: he was an open, empathic, inclusive, smiling and polite person, always ready and willing to speak about the topics of his interest. He saw each new project as a new challenge that could only become successful when faced together, through team-work. 
He loved travelling and saw it as a way to get to know and understand the changes of an ever-changing world. Mr. Franco had direct relationships with all the company stakeholders, always giving them his utmost attention and respect. 
Mr. Franco’s great vocation for innovation and long-term view, went hand in hand with his love for the history and culture of his city, Gubbio. Moreover, he was very passionate about the city’s many celebrations, such the Ceri Festival. 
All of us here at the Financo Group remember him with great affection, in one warm metaphorical embrace. We all know that his life lessons and values will be with us forever, and we will continue to follow and share them in our daily activities among all of the companies of the Group. 


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