Colacem Albania, a training course on Cement and Concrete Technology

A particularly interesting refresher course on “ Cement and Concrete Technology’ was held at the Balldre cement factory . A quite intense day - strongly encouraged by the Colacem Albania Sales Dept. Direction  - which was also attended by  some local clients and technical heads from the Italian headquarters.

Colacem’s industrial approach  focused on sustainability was highlighted throughout the meeting, also thanks to a factory tour which gave the opportunity to see the high- quality , constantly monitored production process aimed at producing safe and efficient cement, in the full respect of  the environment.  

The main topic of the day – Cement and Concrete Technology- was explained through case-studies and the long-standing experience gained in different work environments , also showing the images of  the concrete road surfaces/ pavements recently made in Italy in the “Quadrilatero” site.

The day represented an important occasion for technical training and mutual growth as well, also thanks to the presence of some of our clients who received a course attendance certificate at the end of the meeting.  

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